Potteries Pop Songs on Twitter

I happen to know that Twitter hides topics after a while, so the following has been saved as a service to remember a fun game with very simple rules… [as the conversation also illustrates some useful Twitter rules for beginners, I’ve appended geeky explanations in square brackets]

@stokey_oatcake: #potteriespopsongs: Gene Pitney ‘Twenty four hours from Tunstall’ [note the simplicity of this opening gambit from @stokey_oatcake. No introductions, no long and laborious rules. # creates a ‘hashtag’, which in some viewers lets you click on a link to see all the posts with that tag]

@FunkydoryStokie: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs Madonna – La Isla Bentilee

@stokey_oatcake: RT @FunkydoryStokie @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs Madonna – La Isla Bentilee [Glossary: RT – retweet / repost / expression of admiration; ‘@’ – a public message to someone and will show up in the receipent’s feed]

@LeighPreece: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs I only have Wrights Pies for you. (?) [for those who are interested, hastags are a type of ‘metadata‘, in which users create meaning and context within their content, making it easily accessible to a much wider audience than just their own communities. OK, I’ll stop now]

@FunkydoryStokie: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs AC/DC – Bedlam in Burslem

@clinamen: @stokey_oatcake @stokey_oatcake these are quality! how about: ‘No Sleep ‘Til Burslem’? 🙂 #potteriespopsongs

@Noot54: RT @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs ‘Goldenhill On My Mind’

@Noot54: RT @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs ‘Stairway to Hanley’

@stokey_oatcake: #potteriespopsongs ‘Goldenhill On My Mind’

@stokey_oatcake: #potteriespopsongs ‘Stairway to Hanley’

@stokey_oatcake: RT @mike_rawlins @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs The ‘Anley bus is coming….

@mike_rawlins: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs The ‘Anley bus is coming….

@lantrixevo: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs i lost my heart in sam planks disco

@SonniesEdge: Ash: Girl From Meir #potteriespopsongs

@ClareWhite: #potteriespopsongs Stranger in Chell Heath by Michael Jackson … & I Should Be So Lucky (Shelton, Shelton, Shelton)

@stokey_oatcake: #potteriespopsongs Nirvana Westport Lake of Fire

@stokey_oatcake: #potteriespopsongs The 59th Glebe Street Bridge Song

@ClareWhite: #potteriespopsongs Bridge Over Troubled D-Road

@cutenewt: #potteriespopsongs: Johnny Cash – I Walk the Loop Line.

@stokey_oatcake: #potteriespopsongs ‘Is this the way to Halmerend?’

@ClareWhite: #potteriespopsongs Don’t You Want Me Burslem?

@ClareWhite: #potteriespopsongs Can you hear the ducks tonight?

@wren154: #potteriespopsongs Stoke On The Water

@RickyBee: ‘We’re on D-Road to Nowhere’ by Talke & Heads #potteriespopsongs

@stokey_oatcake: #potteriespopsongs ‘There’s a new Kidsgrove in Town’

@SonniesEdge: Ugly Kid Joe: I hate Everything About Newcastle-under-Lyme #potteriespopsongs

@Noot54: #potteriespopsongs Dresden Nights

@ClareWhite: Britney Spears/Mar Lady: Gizzit Mower #potteriespopsongs

@SonniesEdge: RT @jamestierney: @SonniesEdge 24 Hours from Tunstall #potteriespopsongs

@SonniesEdge: Catatonia: Way Beyond Burslem #potteriespopsongs

@ClareWhite: Also Catatonia: LoveBathpool #potteriespopsongs @SonniesEdge

@SonniesEdge: The Cure: Fenton I’m In Love #potteriespopsongs

@LeighPreece: #potteriespopsongs boney m rivers of burslem

@SonniesEdge: Iggy Pop: Lust for Longton #potteriespopsongs

@ClareWhite: #potteriespopsongs Straight Outta Fenton!

@LeighPreece: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs candy staton – Nights on Audley

@ClareWhite: via DM, she will remain nameless 🙂 #potteriespopsongs Never Gonna Give Stoke Up

@stokey_oatcake: #potteriespopsongs ‘Raindrops Keep Falling on My Birches Head’ – very apt for today!

@LeighPreece: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs This Longton Town Hall ain’t big enough for the both of us!

@stokey_oatcake: Songs from the NorthWood – Jethro Tull #potteriespopsongs

@rhomany: Bon Jovi: Midnight in Chell #potteriespopsongs

@rhomany: Johnny Cash: Hey, Potter #potteriespopsongs

@LeighPreece: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs kate bush – running up that hartshill!

@stokey_oatcake: #potteriespopsongs The Kinks Waterloo Road Sunset

@ClareWhite: Stars Are Blind by Paris Milton #potteriespopsongs #potteriespopstars

@ClareWhite: @Noot54 @clinamen um, anything by Ol Dirty Basford?#potteriespopsongs

@Noot54: @clinamen Bobby Pinson – (Bas)Ford Fairlane #potteriespopsongs hope you realise what you’ve done, @stokey_oatcake

@Noot54: @clinamen #potteriespopsongs @stokey_oatcake ‘Pretty in Penkhull’ – The Psychedelic Furs

@clinamen: @stokey_oatcake on the train I thought of: ‘Bixby Canyon Cobridge’; #potteriespopsongs

@ClareWhite: Britney/Mar Lady: Tockseek #potteriespopsongs

@LeighPreece: #potteriespopsongs Lionel Richie: Neck-Endless Love!

@LeighPreece: #potteriespopsongs What new(castle) pussycat!

@ClareWhite: #potteriespopsongs Sting: Stanfields of Gold

@mike_rawlins: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs A late entry from Mrs R Stoke gets in your eyes.

@mike_rawlins: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs from just outside the potteries, Knutton City Limits….

@ClareWhite: Another by DM! “The Leopard Sleeps at Night. I think it’s by Baddeley Drawn Boy.” #potteriespopsongs

@scott_fenton: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs Hot-Lane City Nights.

@ClareWhite: Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Chell (following @rhomany) #potteriespopsongs

@LeighPreece: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs REM – the endon the world as we know it?

@LeighPreece: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs ‘arm ow iter ideas nar kid so arl seethe soon me owd!

@cutenewt: #potteriespopsongs: Parkhall Life by Blur(ton)

@ClareWhite: #potteriespopsongs Buddy Holly: True Fegg Hayes

@Noot54: RT @oldfoley @stokey_oatcake. didn’t Bob Dylan do a song.The times square they are a changing? #potteriespopsongs

@stokey_oatcake: Stunned by reaction to #potteriespopsongs here’s one from the master himself, Bob Dylan ‘All along the watchTower Square’

@frpeter: Coachmaker – Led Zep #potteriespopsongs

@LeighPreece: Late #potteriespopsongs “You’re my First Bus, My Last, My Everything”

@frpeter: #potteriespopsongs “Only 24 hours from Tunstall”

@FunkydoryStokie: @stokey_oatcake #potteriespopsongs Ike and Tina Turner – Norton City Limits

@ClareWhite: #potteriespopsongs The Beatles – The Longport Winding Road (that leads to Porthill)

@ClareWhite: #potteriespopsongs The Stranglers – Goldenhill (should stop now)

@LeighPreece: #potteriespopsongs tom jones (again!) : The Ball Green Green Grass of Home!

@cutenewt: #potteriespopsongs: Ain’t Knutton Like the Real Thing (Marvyn Gaye)

@cutenewt: Stanley Head by Paul Weller #potteriespopsongs

@cutenewt: #potteriespopsongs: Blythe Bridge over Troubled Water, and On Blue Berryhil (I Found My Thrill)

@cutenewt: #potteriespopsongs: Then there’s that heartfelt song from the Boomtown Rats: I don’t like Hanley.

@cutenewt: #potteriespopsongs: And here’s a spaghetti western theme: The Goldenhill, The Baddeley and the Ubberley.

@markbrereton: HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER by Daft Punk. #potteriespopsongs

@cutenewt: #potteriespopsongs: Keeling me softly (with his song)

@cutenewt: #potteriespopsongs: Save all your kisses for Meir!

@cutenewt: #potteriespopsongs: You Madeley love you (I didn’t want to Crewe it)

@cutenewt: #potteriespopsongs: Goodbye Normacot Jean by Endon John

@cutenewt: #potteriespopsongs: I can’t stop: Please Release Meir (Let Meir Go), and from the wars: Packmoor Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag …


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  1. Annette White
    Jul 06, 2009 @ 08:41:32

    Thank you, Clare, for preserving that! Great fun!


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