Stoke’s Learning Revolution

The next few months are going to be very busy for anybody interested in learning and trying new things.

A lot of projects funded under the government’s Learning Revolution initiative will include activity in Stoke and North Staffordshire. This list is to try and keep track of them, so please leave a comment with any that are missed out. One of the summaries has been copied from the main website, where hopefully more details are going to be added.

WEA Digital Health
A project to experiment with digital additions to the health work of the WEA in Stoke, particularly aimed at those who might struggle because of health problems to come to a full structured course. The initial course will be aimed at people with MS and their carers.

Staffs University Talking Shop
A project involving a multitude of creative organisations undertaking learning activities across Stoke-on-Trent, particularly to make new connections and get people talking.

WEA Learning Revolutionaries
Part of a national project to train volunteers to run their own informal learning circles in anything they are interested in

WEA Learning Champions
Part of a national project to train volunteers that are enthusiastic about promoting learning of all kinds within their communities

Staffordshire County Council
Three hundred Staffordshire carers will be offered a choice of short courses on topics such as Family History, Local Studies, Reminiscence, Drama and Music, First Aid, Walk and Draw, Art and Craft, Holistic Therapies, Book Clubs, Gardening, Digital Photography and IT. Every time a carer attends a different learning course they’ll receive a point and carers who have collected enough points will enjoy a day out at Shugborough Hall or an overnight adult learning residential experience at Wedgwood Memorial College or Pendrell Hall College.

Please help by adding more details about these and add any others you know about:
Potteries Museum
Leek Discussion Circles
A Woman’s Place


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