An experiment in collaboration

Later on today Carolyn Powell and I are doing a workshop at the Creative Industries and Creative Communities conference in the Moathouse. I’m hoping to call on social networks for help in my half of the workshop. We want to show how communities that have the support to build trust can collaborate and share information more easily, both through work ‘on the ground’ and using social digital tools.

Any help between 2 and 3pm would be most appreciated 🙂

You can help by looking out for the questions either on my feed or on the #cicc twitter stream. The workshop participants will have a question each and will be asked to help each other to find the answers and I will also be helping by drawing on social networks. I’ll be putting questions out on Twitter and then all answers that are sent back will appear on the projector.  We will be comparing the addition of social networks to a group which just have each other in the room, although we hope both will be successful in finding all the answers!

If you want to help, you can do so by: responding to any questions you know the answer to, retweeting any interesting questions you would be curious about knowing answers to as well and even better if you have a little time posting links to information or networks that might know the answer. In other words, just the sort of thing you would do anyway.

These are real problems, drawn on Carolyn’s experience as the local Bizfizz coach, and we will be capturing the information we get in the hope it will have a wider use.

Thanks for your help!


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