Introducing a new tag for Social Stoke: “want”.

We love our cafes, oatcake shops, Wednesday jacket potato stalls, naan bakery, restaurants and takeaways,  but sometimes we want more. Fine (but not overpriced) patisseries, funky soups, tasty Korean food served out of the back of a truck. Tasty fresh cooking coming of the kitchens and sold inexpensively on our streets and cafes. Enterprises inspired by global cities and given a Potteries twist.

More fruit. More cakes. And yes, more sprinkles.

So – what do you want?

Just comment here or tweet @socialstoke. If you hear of something on the Want list that Social Stoke should know about, please tell us that too and it will lead seamlessly to the tag “icanhaz

The list so far: http://delicious.com/socialstoke/want


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