Mythical City meetup

After some tussling over the venue, I can now confirm that a Mythical City meetup will take place this Wednesday between 6 and 8pm, in the Coachmakers in Hanley.

Why this?
The Mythical City is a term for Stoke-on-Trent that has occasionally resurfaced since appearing in some lost book. For those of us who embrace it, it perfectly describes the qualities about the city that we love: its beauty, its indefinable mystery, the endless twists to its tale and the fact that you’re never really sure if anything at all within it is true.

Why now?
There are quite a few reasons to have a meeting this Wednesday night. One is that David Annand, who is producing the sculpture to commemorate our Federation, is in the City to absorb words and ideas and it seemed like an excellent opportunity for him to meet the Digital community. There are also hyperlocal maps and all manner of new projects in the air (such as Hackspace, Social Media Surgery, Empty Shops and more) so it’s a good time to connect in ‘real life’ and put more substance behind the hashtags. You’re frankly unlikely to find excessive speeches and singing and as in any geeky gathering, we’re more likely to talk to each other via Twitter, so the discussions should be quite easily followed on the #mythicalcity hashtag. Come along, we’re a friendly bunch.

Why here?
The Coachmakers is a gem of a pub in the shadow of Hanley Bus Station. Enjoy it while you can, for if computer-generated images come to pass, it will at some point soon be flattened to make way for computer-generated celebrities and much-needed shiny retail outlets.

Why not?

mythical city poster

Thank you to Mark Brereton for this poster


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