links for 2010-06-29

  • British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres. Information and events relevant to the voluntary sector. Training seminars on different topics available.
  • National Charity supporting communities to have a say in decisions that affect them. Currently offering free membership (until June 2011).

    FREE half-day sessions in June and July on the new government's approach, with analysis and advice on the opportunities from Urban Forum Chief Executive, Toby Blume, in London, Leicester, Hull and Exeter. For details and to book visit

  • Ensures that the third sector serves local communities. Supports members and theior work with local community groups.

    Currently co-hosting a series of Democracy Days to learn how to have a greater influence in local decisions, policies and strategies. Visit for further details.

  • Established in 2005 to help develop a new generation of campaigners who are tackling the root causes of injustice, the Foundation is entirely dedicated to helping campaigners create positive and lasting social change.

    SMK runs programmes for individuals and groups providing support, advice and a place to share information on key areas of effective campaigning: from strategy, tactics, and targets to evaluating successful campaigns. The annual awards scheme offers support to share knowledge and acquire skills, involving an initial assessment; one-to-one coaching sessions; development workshops; and shadowing or mentoring opportunities.

  • An informal alliance of individuals and organisations for effective democracy

    This web-portal aims to support communication, co-operation and learning among organisations and networks concerned about democracy so that citizens have an effective say in how society is run.


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