How to get people online

There are lots more resources than this, but here are some of my tips from my experience as a long-time web advocate 🙂

Don’t be a salesman – nobody likes the feeling they’re being pushed into something. People have all sorts of reasons why they don’t feel confident using computers or going online and they might not feel comfortable telling you what they are.

Listen – what do people want? What questions do they have that you can answer by going online? Do they have a hobby or a business? Are they interested in learning something, or family history? Do they want to know more about what’s happening in their own area?

Share – find answers for people, show them pages online or if you can, print something out for them. Try to make sure you are finding reliable information, for example on health queries we use NHS Choices instead of just searching the entire web. If you’re not sure where to find something, you can ask at the Race Online Staffordshire group.

Encourage – once people have found something online that they are interested in, you can help them to fill in gaps in their knowledge or confidence by helping them to access the online courses on Race Online or finding out where their nearest UK Online Centres are, where they can use computers for free. Don’t forget online safety, which is included in Myguide’s Online Basics course.

If you have questions or you’re not sure how to find a website that people will find interesting, ask via the Race Online Staffordshire group.

Running short of reasons to go online? Here’s a list:
Make friends | Have a voice | Save money | Share your hobbies | Create a newsletter | Learn | Shop | See the world | Access information | Register for services | Find a job | Read the news | Build websites | Contact relatives and old friends | Play games | Find love? | Change the council, the government, the world | Find your ancestors | Make money | Create games | Build mobile phone applications |

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