Keep the music Live!

The DJ School Association based in Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent needs help to keep our arts activities and courses on track into 2011 for 100’s service user s, communities and arts professionals .We need to raise £13,495 to help to run our courses and activities.

“ The DJ School has helped me catalogue my art work for preparation for a exhibition, I could only dream of getting as far as I have already” Service User aged 46 and Young person aged 12 years “The DJ School has given me the confidence to express myself and realise I have a future. I write my own songs and now am putting together a cd of my own work before I would only sing old songs I was comfortable with.”

The DJ School does not just provide DJ Workshops, we specialise in dramatic arts, Music Technology and IT and fine Art. We also aid clients in many aspects of modern live and provide training on being a freelance artist, provide employability modules and work Experience opportunities.

“We work tirelessly to provide opportunities for people that they would not normally get to encourage them to use their chosen art forms to provide them with a better future and , to help them function and contribute positively in the community. “ Sarah Armitt, Secretary of the DJ School.

Please visit to find out more about what we do. If you would like to make a donation contact Sarah Armitt on 01782 205675.


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