Careers service: the redraft

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Are the next few years to be spent in terminal decline and turmoil, with Stoke’s prospects for work consigned only to a few? It doesn’t have to be so. There are many big differences between the 80s and now. Then, the best thing to do was to get on your bike. Now, Stoke has its advantages, many of which have been highlighted in this blog, which is about assets, not deficit (it’s impossible to link to a deficit).

There are lots of new career paths open that either didn’t exist or weren’t possible on the same scale, plus a lot of jobs are now less dependent on being able to spend all your time in London getting to know the right people. Our houses are affordable and our transport links fast.

In this post I’ve written about a few new careers and I’ll cover some more as time allows. It’s not stuff I’ve just made up, these are real things where people are making a living. I’m on the lookout for more and will tag them newjobs – all suggestions gratefully received. Many of these require some learning, but you can do it online or get help from local colleges and community education organisations.



Funding Fair

Potteries Museum & Art Gallery.

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Come along to this free event to meet external funding agencies and learn about funding opportunities available to you.
This event is open to anyone from North Staffordshire looking to fund a project idea which will benefit your community
On 6th October 2010
at 10am – 3pm
Potteries Museum
and Art Gallery
Bethesda St. Hanley
Funders include:
Big Lottery
Children in Need
Give it Sum
Staffordshire Environmental
and more

View or print out the poster (PDF)