Share your election leaflets now! is an archive of, well, election leaflets — the kind distributed by politicians to householders, in the days and weeks before local or national elections, and, in the case of 5 May this year, a referendum.

It allows people to see what politicians and their parties are saying, locally and in comparable areas elsewhere, and will be a valuable resource for future historians.

Leaflets are scanned or photographed (a decent mobile phone pic will do) and uploaded by members of the public.

Here are the leaflets uploaded for Stoke-on-Trent North wards.

Can you help, by uploading any election leaflets you have received (regardless of the party)? The process is simple, and the instructions are clear.

Article made available for sharing and local adaptation by Andy Mabbett and originally posted on B44 Blog 


Helping people to get online

After now doing quite a few online sessions with people of very limited experience, I’ve written this very short guide to take people through the basics. More great resources are being created all the time, so do post any you see in the comments:

A five-step guide for people helping other people to get online. This doesn’t need any special skills beyond the confidence to use the internet yourself and patience. Remember nothing is obvious about using a computer: mouse, click etc are all jargon words that may need explaining and demonstrating.

1. Visit and help your trainee to play Splash and Grab. Once accomplished, this gives people the skills to use a mouse and fill in forms. If they want to, there is a longer form after the game to enter more details and be entered into a prize draw.

2. Once they have completed the signup process, they will have an email address and Myguide account. Make a note of this together, along with the website address which they will need to access the courses and their email address in the future.

They can take this to any UK Online Centre, including libraries, and ask for more help if they need it. While you are together, you might want to look up the nearest one to them on the website.

3. If there’s time, encourage your trainee to go through some other Myguide courses. These will come up as soon as Splash and Grab has been completed and include all the core skills for safe browsing of the internet.

Reinforce to people that the internet is like any other new city, you must be careful about what you share and where you go until you’re comfortable with what you’re doing.

4. BBC First Click is also recommended and is a great gateway into all that the BBC has to offer:

5. As you know the person you’ve trained, you will be able to show them some of the sites that they might find interesting or useful. Good first sites we show include NHS Choices and Directgov (information), Google Maps (directions and Streetview, which is very popular!) and the BBC (entertainment). Social networking sites as well, but again remind people to think about their personal privacy and security before sharing any information. You can help people put together a list of favourite/useful websites here (also a Myguide website):

There is more help here:

Keep the music Live!

The DJ School Association based in Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent needs help to keep our arts activities and courses on track into 2011 for 100’s service user s, communities and arts professionals .We need to raise £13,495 to help to run our courses and activities.

“ The DJ School has helped me catalogue my art work for preparation for a exhibition, I could only dream of getting as far as I have already” Service User aged 46 and Young person aged 12 years “The DJ School has given me the confidence to express myself and realise I have a future. I write my own songs and now am putting together a cd of my own work before I would only sing old songs I was comfortable with.”

The DJ School does not just provide DJ Workshops, we specialise in dramatic arts, Music Technology and IT and fine Art. We also aid clients in many aspects of modern live and provide training on being a freelance artist, provide employability modules and work Experience opportunities.

“We work tirelessly to provide opportunities for people that they would not normally get to encourage them to use their chosen art forms to provide them with a better future and , to help them function and contribute positively in the community. “ Sarah Armitt, Secretary of the DJ School.

Please visit to find out more about what we do. If you would like to make a donation contact Sarah Armitt on 01782 205675.

NSCCI Project Team – newsletter


Join today – it’s FREE, and your organisation can benefit from receiving our regular e-newsletter on events and opportunities in North Staffordshire and also:-

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via NSCCI Project Team.

via NSCCI Project Team – newsletter.

Race Online real-life sessions

Upcoming sessions for the Race Online campaign:

Health online – please *tell* anybody you know who is not online about this:

31 August, 2-4, Hanley library IT suite, first floor.

In this session we will look at the wealth of health information available and how you can make sure it is from a reliable source. If you want to find a local dentist or GP taking on patients or would like support from others experiencing the same health conditions as you or your family, this session will help. Absolute computer beginners will be able to start with basic training, all with friendly people around to help.

Places for sessions will be limited, please sign up here – this form can also be used to register details of people not yet online, or they can call our office to book a place on 01782 831911. If you haven’t registered in advance, it is worth calling on the day to see if there are still places.

The sign-up form can also be used to register interest in other subject sessions and locations.

Mythical City meetup

After some tussling over the venue, I can now confirm that a Mythical City meetup will take place this Wednesday between 6 and 8pm, in the Coachmakers in Hanley.

Why this?
The Mythical City is a term for Stoke-on-Trent that has occasionally resurfaced since appearing in some lost book. For those of us who embrace it, it perfectly describes the qualities about the city that we love: its beauty, its indefinable mystery, the endless twists to its tale and the fact that you’re never really sure if anything at all within it is true.

Why now?
There are quite a few reasons to have a meeting this Wednesday night. One is that David Annand, who is producing the sculpture to commemorate our Federation, is in the City to absorb words and ideas and it seemed like an excellent opportunity for him to meet the Digital community. There are also hyperlocal maps and all manner of new projects in the air (such as Hackspace, Social Media Surgery, Empty Shops and more) so it’s a good time to connect in ‘real life’ and put more substance behind the hashtags. You’re frankly unlikely to find excessive speeches and singing and as in any geeky gathering, we’re more likely to talk to each other via Twitter, so the discussions should be quite easily followed on the #mythicalcity hashtag. Come along, we’re a friendly bunch.

Why here?
The Coachmakers is a gem of a pub in the shadow of Hanley Bus Station. Enjoy it while you can, for if computer-generated images come to pass, it will at some point soon be flattened to make way for computer-generated celebrities and much-needed shiny retail outlets.

Why not?

mythical city poster

Thank you to Mark Brereton for this poster

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