TEDxStoke: announcement

Stoke-on-Trent will be part of the global TEDxCity 2.0 day this October 13th.

The name TED will be familiar to many who have watched any one of the thousands of inspiring videos on TED.com. TEDx events are independently organised by volunteers passionate about the power of ideas. TEDxStoke will be chance to join a global conversation:

In unison, we’ll share the stories of our beloved homes. Where are the bright spots? The creative adaptations? The transformative responses to injustice? Who is asking the most pressing questions? Pioneering the most complex solutions? Speakers may focus on official City 2.0 themes, including Art, Education, Food, Health, Housing, Play, Public Space, and Safety–all elements whose presence will dictate the success of our future cities.

Everyone in Stoke-on-Trent and its surrounding areas is invited to participate. TEDxStoke will take place on October 13th, 10am at North Staffordshire YMCA. It will also be livestreamed on the internet. We’re right at the beginning of this process, so keep checking back for more links, announcements and updates. Use #TEDxStoke to follow the conversation on Twitter and Google+.

First up: we need help drawing up the longlist of films and speakers. Have a read over the information and think about TED talks you have seen that most inspired you, that you want to share with others in the city. Who are the most inspiring people and where are the most inspiring stories in our city? Please send all ideas, however wild, to tedxstoke@gmail.com. A mysterious panel will consider each and every one of them for the final programme.

We will also need help supporting social media conversation in the run-up and on the day and especially building bridges to people who wouldn’t otherwise be online. Can you capture some videos of local people? Put on a screening in a local social centre or residential home? Show someone how to get online with that lump of a laptop they’ve had hanging round the house for years? Let’s make October 13th a day to connect and make sure even more people know about the wealth of ideas and resources that are at our fingertips.

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